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The People of Bakerfield, CA

Melting Pot

Low-income, foreign-language-speaking urbanites.
Lower-income population mainly employed in service jobs. Most have a high school education or lower.

Striving Immigrant Families

Lower-income suburban immigrant families.
Struggling families that are on a tight budget and work in service or skill-based jobs. Most have a high school education or lower and some own their homes.

Urban Bootstrappers

Lower-scale single parents living in the city.
Single parents who support themselves and their children on a low income. A high proportion are female. Most have a high school education or lower, and most rent their homes.

One-income Metros

Single-income families living in the city.
Families with adults approaching middle age with one partner working and the other a stay-at-home parent. Mixed educational status with some having a high school education and some college.

Aspiring Urbanites

Urban singles with moderate income.
Low- to middle-income singles over a wide age range. Some have a college education. They work in a variety of occupations, including some management-level positions.

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